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Half Elves
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Welcome to Half-Elves!

"...Humans, Elves, and those caught in between..."
        - from
Tales of Symphonia

Welcome to the website of Half Elves! We are a Vindictus west server guild openly recruiting! Our goal is to become one of the best SOCIAL guilds out there! We love to meet new people and you will have no trouble fitting in instantly. All ages, classes, and levels are welcome, provided you are friendly and active. We also strive to maintain a certain level of maturity, but every now and then we love to PARTY!!!

To see some of the things we like to do as a guild, take a look at the picture gallery to the left and feel free to browse the forums.

If you are a current or soon-to-be guild member, please make an account and join our guild website. Thank you!

This website will be primarily used to coordinate events. It is also updated fairly frequently, so check around from time to time :)

Guild News

Guild recruitment event has ended!

Jade Curtiss, Feb 1, 11 8:30 PM.
All people who recruited during the event's duration can recieve their reward by talking to me :)
And this does not mean our recruiting is over; we are just going to be more selective from here on out.
I strongly encourage you to get your friends to join us :)

Guild Channel RELOCATED

Jade Curtiss, Jan 22, 11 3:52 AM.
Half Elves is now moving to CH100!

REKM and WrathOfMagic annouce a Guild "Bank"!

Jade Curtiss, Dec 31, 10 7:46 PM.
Hey everyone, apparently REKM and WrathOfMagic have put together a guild "bank" of sorts that will carry equipment for the guild to share. As I've been told, they already have a guild Laghodessa Slayer Set and a Light Plate Set. This was not my idea, so please see REKM or WrathOfMagic for details. I would imagine they would be interested in some donations :)

REKM or WrathOfMagic, please make a detailed post about this in the Events forum!

Guild Title Hunting!

Jade Curtiss, Dec 21, 10 4:20 AM.
Hi guys! I'm thinking that perhaps we can get together to hunt some of the more difficult titles. A title a week maybe? See the forums for details!

Guild AP Speed Runs Starting!

Jade Curtiss, Dec 17, 10 4:11 PM.
Hello everyone! We're going to be starting regular guild AP runs every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evening! The best part is that all tokens will be supplied by the guild! For more information, view the forums!
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Want to JOIN? :D
Anybody can join! There are only two requirements: be active and be social!

To join:
1) Log into Vindictus
2) Click "Guild" at the bottom right corner
3) Click "Guild Home," then "Guild Search"
4) Search "Half Elves"
5) Send your application
Guild Rules

There aren't many, but to maintain a warmhearted guild environment, please abide by these rules:

1.)  No rude language, whether it's to your guildmates or others.

2.)  No fighting with guild members OR others! Fighting with people hurts our reputation as a friendly guild.

3.)  Be mature. Immature actions include things such as spamming guild chat, begging, or randomly killing your party members with the trap in Hoarfrost Hollow.

4.) Be respectful to your guildmates. As unfortunate as it is, it's not all about you! Keep in mind that there is a human being behind each username.

If everyone can follow these simple rules, we will become known as an awesome guild with loads of nice members in it

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